7 benefits of life coaching

When choosing a life Coach, here are seven benefits to keep in mind:

  1. Better self-confidence. A study by the IFC reported that 80% of people who hired a life coach reported improved self-confidence.
  2. A growth mindset. A benefit to coaching is a shift in perspective. At Glenny’s, we think of this as a growth mindset. With coaching, you can expand and nurture your growth mindset.
  3. Improved self-awareness. Research found that only 10-15% of people studied were self-aware, despite people believing that they are self-aware. But with coaching, you have a guide to reflect on your progress and your levels of self-awareness. Coaching can help you build your self-awareness muscle and ultimately, gain more confidence in knowing who you are.
  4. Improved relationships and communication skills. According to the Institute of Coaching, your relationships will benefit from coaching. One study found that of those who participated in coaching, over 70% benefitted from improved work performance, relationships, and effective communication skills.
  5. Our data has shown that folks who take part in coaching report a higher sense of purpose and meaning.
  6. Improved overall well-being. Coaching can also help improve your overall well-being. Our data also shows that most people who start coaching in a “stuck” period get better. In fact, 77% will significantly improve their well-being state in three to four months with personalized support.
  7. Lower stress levels (and better resiliency). The same data cited above shows that a benefit of coaching is lowered stress levels and better resiliency.